Field Services & Receiving

Field Services & Receiving

Meritech’s field services division consists of dedicated and experienced field technicians armed with the latest equipment to ensure your on-site sampling and analysis are done accurately and dependably.

We Specialize In

industrial and industrial pretreatment sampling

stream & surface water sampling
monitoring wellssoil sampling
well & septic for real estate closuressurface water sampling (with boat capabilities)
low level mercury sampling (method 1669)integrated depth sampling for parameters such as chlorophyll-a
our field certifications include conductivity,
pH, DO, residual chlorine and temperature
large sampling project capabilities

Meritech’s longtime role with the Upper and Middle Cape Fear River Basin Associations affords us the ability to perform river, stream and lake sampling and expands the areas of expertise that we are able to offer our clients.

Our services also include our fleet of vehicles that offer convenient pickup & delivery routes to most locations in North Carolina.